Mike Colclough is a lifelong student of geography, meteorology, and American road travel. He has been a published writer and photographer since his first year of high school.

His childhood literary influences were Ranger Rick Magazine, Reader's Digest, and National Geographic publications. As a teenager he practiced photography using a 1975 Pentax K1000 and shot exclusively with it until 2004. His writing first appeared in his hometown's newspaper as a weekly weather commentary from 1990 to 1997, and he often contributed to weather-related news stories.

While working toward his journalism degree at the University of New Hampshire, Colclough completed numerous credits in earth sciences and interned as a reporter for The Salem News in the Boston area. He also became a regular contributor to New Hampshire ToDo, a magazine devoted to New Hampshire geography and tourism. Over the years he has also written several poems and short stories.

He currently lives in New Hampshire, where he works as a firefighter/EMT and self-employed meteorologist. Visit his web site at www.TheSilentForest.com.