Non-fiction; 145,000 words.

Prologue: Light in a Northern Town

I. Boats, Planes, and Trucks

II. Leaving Home

III. Becoming a Land Freighter Stowaway

IV. First In Flight

V. Someone’s Always Watching

VI. Two Sides and Two Speeds

VII. Ivy League Alabama

VIII. In Search of Superman

IX. Company for the Long Haul

X. A Song On the Wind

XI. Don’t Mess With Texas

XII. Desert Enchantment

XIII. The Petrified and the Living

XIV. Goin’ Back To Cali

XV. A Real Oasis

XVI. Hollywood’s Worst Dressed

XVII. No Shadows

XVIII. Passing Through Earth

XIX. Back To the Spirit Trail

XX. The Cross Roads

XXI. Fast Food in the Heart Land

XXII. Broken Toasters and Book Smarts

XXIII. A Box of Cheez-Its

XXIV. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

XXV. Discovery Channel Morning Show

XXVI. The Dukes of Hazard

XXVII. Final Approach

XXVIII. Are We Ahead Yet?

XXIX. On the Outside Looking In

XXX. Trucker’s Hell

XXXI. Bridging the Gap

XXXII. Dreaming of New England

XXXIII. Driver Needs Home

Epilogue 2010: Change Is Inevitable