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A lightning storm dances behind the truck during a night stop in Arizona.


On Interstate 10, Arizona


In the south, it seems the ivy covers everything.


California's mountain country makes a nice backdrop for hauling a load to an opening store in a valley mall.




This is the view from the I-40 westbound welcome center in Arizona.


Sunset, as seen from a night stop on Arizona's I-40.


Truckers let their engines cool in the midday summer heat of the Mojave Desert.




The road winds its way through California's mountains.


Erik keeps watch over the burgers on his portable hibachi grill during a night stop in California's wine country.


The long road in Florida leads to afternoon thunderheads.


Florida's welcome center offers this scene, and free orange juice inside.


Erik returns to the truck after a round of welcome-center frisbee with the author.


A creative moment on the road.


Erik checks the road atlas before setting out.


Another modern-day cowboy rides off into the sunset.


Truck stops carry super-long window squeegees.


The "Trucker Trough:" Dining on the road.


A former forest, as seen from a bridge over a marsh.


Pets are common among truckers.


The southern Appalachians offer this dramatic landscape.


Erik watches a traffic jam from a rest area.


New Mexico welcome center


Many city dwellers imagine such places during stressful work days. Such places are real.


Roswell, New Mexico's "Outer Limits" restaurant is adorned with space-alien drawings by local schoolchildren.


Found, beside the truck, after a night stop in New Mexico.


As seen along New Mexico's I-40. What was the old chef's food like?


Pancake house along Rt. 66 in New Mexico. "Chef's own recipe!"


The cab's wind chimes are a prominent presence in the story.


New Mexico's sky colors mix well with those of the truck.


At the end of a long day, Erik settles into the sleeper berth's top bunk for a nap.


Runaway truck ramp in North Carolina


A ride through the truck wash


This windswept grass makes a meditative subject during a loading stop at a Texas warehouse.


Nighttime at an east coast truck stop.